My greatest love following only the joy of marrying my best friend and motherhood is my love for capturing the human spirit.

After graduating college with a minor in photography and traveling Europe with only my camera, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer. After several years of assisting and photographing under numerous commercial and wedding photographers, I realized that I absolutely love photographing people, photographing their stories, their emotions, their relationships, their unique personalities, and that I love capturing them in a way that isn’t posed or forced

Carissa Hoopes Photography is now a husband and wife team that consists of myself Carissa and my husband Chris. While I am the creator, photographer, “artsy fartsy one”, Chris is “the man behind the magic” handling all of our business, production and design details.

My photography style is more natural and candid. Rather than capturing just a posed smile, I strive to capture what makes people unique- a quirky smile, laughter, a couple’s embrace, a 3 years olds pouty lip, even a child’s tears. I want to create something that you can look at years from now and know the person, not just what they looked like.

Chris and I love what we do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else, helping other people, like ourselves, capture and document these precious moments in life.

As parents of two beautiful children we value every minute we spend together as a family, which is why our studio is nestled right next to our home in Buda.

We are truly blessed to be in a profession that allows us to work so closely with people during these momentous times in their lives.

We invite you to our studio and can’t wait to meet you and your family.