Why US?

Let’s face it, there is a lot of people calling themselves professional photographers out there nowadays. The question that we are posed with the most is Why us? “What makes Carissa Hoopes Photography stand out from the rest?” Well, lots!

There is certainly a lot more to photography than owning a nice camera. While anyone can get a good shot here and there, we specialize in getting dozens and dozens of great photos in one session, with a ton of variety. We not only capture the moments, we produce the environment to ensure the moments happen, whether it be getting a newborn to sleep, making children laugh and smile, or relaxing a high senior or couple to be comfortable and have fun with it – and we do it 99.9% of the time! This is another situation where experience really matters.

Carissa’s style is to capture the subject in a natural, sometimes candid look using mostly natural light. Because she doesn’t use flash as much as many photographers do, her photos do not have a flat look to them, but a natural, beautifully contrasted look to them.

Carissa was properly trained. Not only did she minor in photography, but she assisted for 4 professional photographers in the area for years before starting her own business. She put in her time, and learned an enormous amount from each. On top of that, she now has 12 years of own experience. With what she has learned, she combines classic lighting techniques with new trends, giving you a variety of different styles. She not only has the knowledge of HOW to apply Photoshop techniques to give you different and modern looks, but discretion of WHEN to do it as well. She does not use Photoshop to compensate for lack of knowledge of proper lighting or exposure.

I, (Chris) her husband, assist Carissa in every shoot (except boudoir), not only giving Carissa a second pair of eyes for composition and posing, but help with lighting using equipment to reflect and sometimes diffuse the light. Most all of professional photographers at our level need assistants to make the light perfect. Carissa uses natural light for most of her photos, and tries to stay away from flash as much as possible!

We have a studio. Don’t think JC Penny’s or someone’s garage. The 1200 sq foot studio gives plenty of room and variety. There is a huge bay of windows, differently painted walls, a Chicago brick wall, “hard wood” floors and the opportunity for several different backdrops, tiles, faux floors, cool antique and contemporary furniture etc. There is also plenty of opportunity for outdoor shots at the studio as well, with lots of bushes and plants, a huge Texas oak tree, and several “sets” around the property. Even wild flowers in the spring! Lots of variety!!! The studio also gives you the ability to see your proofs on a large 91” screen, which is so much better than online viewing on your computer screen. You can see the photos as we intend them to be shown. Our ordering software makes it very easy to narrow down to your favorites, and even show you actual sizes on photos of your walls if you’d like!

We are great with kids! Having two kids of our own, we are experts in handling newborns to get those cute poses. As for handling those toddlers, I’ve developed some techniques that work almost every time to get your child comfortable, smiling and laughing so Carissa doesn’t have to resort to “Say Cheese!” Kids will have more of a “going to play” feel then “going to take photos, and you’d better smile” feel. Carissa often jokes and says that she has 3 kids instead of two (me being the 3rd!)

We have very reasonable pricing! I don’t think there is a photographer out there that produces the quality we do for the price. We not only sell digital images, but high quality prints, canvases, albums, and greeting cards and announcements. We use the best labs in the country! We have examples of everything at the studio, making it easy to see what you are getting, and help your through the process of getting what you want – not just giving you a cd of images and letting YOU deal with it. Most people don’t have the time for that, and/or never get it done, and don’t have access to the quality of labs that we do.

This is a full time job for both of us. We put 100% of our effort into making your product the best that it can be! We don’t do it in our spare time, and it is not just “a hobby”. We are constantly improving both our studio, and are studying new techniques and styles.

100% satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t like your photos for any reason, we’ll refund your session fee, or retake the photos. (This has NEVER happened!)

And Why else? Because we give you MORE photos, and they are better!

Check out our website and facebook. There are hundreds of photos from hundreds of sessions. The photos you see are how we presented them to our clients. We didn’t do extra work on them just to make them look better for the website. We do that work EVERY time.

Why take the chance with another photographer?

We get it right the first time, every time!